Oligonucleotide Drug Release Testing Services

Oligonucleotide Drug Release Testing Services

The key objective of oligonucleotide drug release is to achieve the right time, right amount, and right place for the release of the oligonucleotide drug in the drug delivery system. Based on our laboratory equipment and technology, BOC Sciences can provide oligonucleotide drug release performance testing to our clients, which includes evaluating key parameters such as release rate, amount and kinetics of drug release in a drug delivery system, as well as providing detailed reports and data analysis.

Oligonucleotide Drug Release Testing Services

What is Oligonucleotide Drug Release Testing?

An oligonucleotide drug release system typically consists of a drug carrier or delivery system and an oligonucleotide drug. The drug carrier can be nanoparticles, microspheres, gels, liposomes, etc. It serves to stabilize and protect the oligonucleotide drug and to control the rate and duration of drug release. The drug carriers usually have appropriate physical and chemical properties for stable drug encapsulation and controlled release.

Oligonucleotide drug release testing is a key method for evaluating the release properties of oligonucleotide drugs. Oligonucleotide drugs in drug delivery systems are tested for release by simulating actual conditions of use, such as in vivo pH, temperature, and parameters such as release rate, release amount and release kinetics are obtained. These test results can be used to optimize the design of the drug delivery system, select suitable carrier materials, and adjust the release rate and time to achieve the desired therapeutic effect.

Oligonucleotide Drug Release Testing Services

BOC Sciences has an experienced team of scientists and technicians to provide high-quality R&D services. Our services cover a wide range of areas including medicinal chemistry, drug analysis, drug delivery and drug evaluation, providing comprehensive support for our clients' research and development projects.

Oligonucleotide drug release test steps:

  • Preparation of Drug Delivery System

Combine the oligonucleotide drug with appropriate drug delivery vehicle or system, such as nanoparticles, microspheres, gels, etc. Ensure that the delivery system is capable of stably containing and releasing the oligonucleotide drug.

  • Designing the Release Test

Determine the conditions for the release test, including the choice of release medium (e.g., buffer or simulated body fluid), temperature, pH, etc. These conditions should mimic the actual environment of use or the characteristics of the target tissue.

  • Perform the Release Test

The delivery system containing the oligonucleotide drug is placed in the release medium to simulate the delivery process. Based on a predetermined time point, a sample is taken to measure the concentration of oligonucleotides in the release solution or the total amount released.

  • Analytical Measurements

Analytical measurements are performed on the sampled release solution using appropriate analytical methods such as high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), ultraviolet-visible spectroscopy (UV-Vis), and others. This will provide information on the rate of oligonucleotide drug release and release kinetics.

  • Data Processing and Analysis

Based on the measurement results, the release profile and release kinetic parameters of the oligonucleotide drug are calculated and plotted. These parameters can include release rate constants, release half-life, cumulative release, and are used to evaluate the release performance of the drug delivery system.

BOC Sciences is able to perform optimization and customization services for oligonucleotide drug release systems based on the specific needs of our clients. We can tailor the structure, composition and release characteristics of the delivery system to the nature of the drug and the target application to achieve optimal drug delivery.

* Only for research. Not suitable for any diagnostic or therapeutic use.
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