Predesigned siRNA Library

Predesigned siRNA Library

siRNA libraries had brought about a revolution in the efficiency of functional genomics research, which had realized a high-throughput, low-cost, and ultra-fast way of gene function research and screening. Moreover, siRNA libraries provide a novel and efficient way for gene function screening, disease mechanism research, target discovery and drug development. During recent years, the development of siRNA libraries has advanced many original and breakthrough scientific research results, especially in discovering brand-new targets coupled with the high content analysis and screening platform, making the application of siRNA libraries more extensive.

BOC RNA provides comprehensive predesigned siRNA libraries to meet the research needs in the biology and drug discovery fields.

About our predesigned siRNA library

BOC RNA uses a unique siRNA design algorithm to screen efficient siRNA target sites with an excellent success rate. We fully consider important parameters including base composition, the number of consecutive bases, thermodynamic instability, energy distribution, and base preference. Through BLAST search, we can remove sequences that span important regions similar to off-target transcripts, polymorphic regions (such as SNPs), or siRNA predicted to cause antiviral responses to minimize off-target effects.

BOC RNA’s predesigned siRNA library provides the most attractive siRNA collection for high-throughput screening by targeting genes with high therapeutic value. Flexible product format helps study specific gene combinations or life scientists who need to target all available drug genomes. Through the real-time PCR analysis on hundreds of predesigned siRNAs, 80% of siRNA knockdown efficiency is >75%, and more than 40% of siRNA induces target silencing >90%.

Our predesigned siRNA libraries we provide

CatalogProduct NameInquiry
BRJ-001Human Apoptosis siRNA LibraryInquiry
BRJ-002Human Cancer Genome siRNA LibraryInquiry
BRJ-003Human Cell Cycle Regulation siRNA LibraryInquiry
BRJ-004Human Cell Surface siRNA LibraryInquiry
BRJ-005Human DNA Damage Response siRNA LibraryInquiry
BRJ-006Human Drug Targets siRNA Library (384well)Inquiry
BRJ-007Human Drug Targets siRNA Library (96well)Inquiry
BRJ-008Human Drug Transporter siRNA LibraryInquiry
BRJ-009Human Druggable Genome siRNA Library (384well)Inquiry
BRJ-010Human Druggable Genome siRNA Library (96well)Inquiry
BRJ-011Human Epigenetics siRNA LibraryInquiry
BRJ-012Human Genome siRNA LibraryInquiry
BRJ-013Human GPCR siRNA LibraryInquiry
BRJ-014Human Ion Channel siRNA LibraryInquiry
BRJ-015Human Kinase siRNA LibraryInquiry
BRJ-016Human Membrane Trafficking siRNA LibraryInquiry
BRJ-017Human Nuclear Hormone Receptor siRNA LibraryInquiry
BRJ-018Human Phosphatase siRNA LibraryInquiry
BRJ-019Human Protease siRNA LibraryInquiry
BRJ-020Human Transcription Factor siRNA LibraryInquiry
BRJ-021Human Tumor Suppressor siRNA LibraryInquiry
BRJ-022Human Ubiquitin siRNA LibraryInquiry

Features and advantages

  • Human whole-genome library, which includes more than 20,000 coding genes, covers a wide range of genes.
  • Each gene has 3 pairs of pre-mixed siRNAs that lead to 3 different gene targets to ensure gene silencing efficiency, especially for pathway analysis, target identification, and validation.
  • After specific chemical modifications to improve the specificity and stability, so to reduce the off-target rate.
  • Gene types of different model species are available.
  • Hybrid and custom libraries are available and built according to customers’ applications.
  • Independent or well plate packaging for each gene to facilitate phenotypic analysis.
  • Different model species genotypes are available.


  • Our predesigned siRNA libraries can be used to analyze and study a complete metabolic pathway and high-throughput screening of gene families. Single-gene research and multi-gene pathway analysis can be carried out.
  • Can be used to screen hundreds of target drugs individually or in the form of a chip.

If you need a siRNA list or other information that is not reflected in these predefined collections, or want to discuss your research with our technical experts, please contact us.

* Only for research. Not suitable for any diagnostic or therapeutic use.
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