Gene Synthesis Service

Gene synthesis is a mature technology that has been widely used in various fields of molecular biology. Based on our mature gene synthesis technology, primer design technology, and gene manipulation team, BOC Sciences can synthesize any gene sequence you are interested in, and provide you with accurate, fast, and high-quality total gene synthesis service.

Workflow of de novo whole-genome synthesis.Fig 1. Workflow of de novo whole-genome synthesis. (Song et al., 2021)

Gene Synthesis Methods

BOC Sciences offers our customers more than just the following synthetic methods for preparing genes.

Synthesis methodsSpecifications
Solid phase synthesisOligonucleotide synthesis is performed by adding nucleotide monomers one by one at the end of the synthesized chain. The synthesis of each oligonucleotide involves four steps: deprotection, coupling, closure, and oxidation.
Chip DNA synthesisChip DNA synthesis refers to the technique of synthesizing DNA using microarray chips. Following this synthesis method, gene fragments are amplified in the pool of oligonucleotides, which are then polymerized and assembled into the finished product.
PCR synthesisGene fragments produced by the PCR method can be accomplished by various cellular systems. This method is more effective in synthesizing long gene fragments, and the accuracy of the gene sequence can be guaranteed with the help of the cell system.

BOC Sciences' Custom Gene Synthesis Services

Based on the needs from different customers, applications and the characteristics of the gene sequences themselves, BOC Sciences can provide many types of gene synthesis services.

  • Standard Gene Synthesis

BOC Sciences offers standard gene synthesis with unlimited sequence length and complexity, allowing for customization of longer fragments and demanding genes with complex structures such as high GC, repetitive sequences and secondary structures.

  • Fast Gene Synthesis

Fast Gene Synthesis is an option for those with high delivery time requirements. We maximize your experimental schedule with a dedicated process for fast synthesis and new technologies developed specifically for rapid delivery.

  • Linear dsDNA Gene Synthesis

BOC Sciences also offers fragmented gene synthesis for simple gene synthesis and modification, delivering linear double-stranded gene fragments that can be directly used for subcloning, full-length assembly, gene modification, and more.

  • High Throughput Gene Synthesis

Compared to conventional gene synthesis, high throughput gene synthesis can synthesize hundreds to nearly 10,000 genes at a time, greatly reducing the cost of experiments according to specific gene sequences, making it both economical and efficient.

Features of Our Custom Gene Synthesis Services

  • Vector construction

Cloning the synthesized gene into any vector specified by the customer, which is convenient for subsequent experiments.

  • Short cycle time and reliable quality

Genes smaller than 2kb only need 2-3 weeks, provide sequencing report, and deliver genes with high accuracy.

  • Precise regulation

By synthesizing genes, it is possible to precisely regulate and optimize the expression level, functional properties and adaptability of genes.

BOC Sciences provides high-quality oligonucleotide synthesis services to researchers worldwide. Our global presence ensures fast and efficient access to our best-in-class services, allowing researchers to focus on their core work with confidence. Trust our expertise and global reach to support your research needs and drive innovation in the field of genetic science. If you are interested in our services, feel free to contact us.


  1. Song L F, et al. Large-scale de novo oligonucleotide synthesis for whole-genome synthesis and data storage: challenges and opportunities[J]. Frontiers in bioengineering and biotechnology, 2021, 9: 689797.
* Only for research. Not suitable for any diagnostic or therapeutic use.
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