Cationic Polypeptides

mRNA vaccines have no viral component and no risk of infection, they also have the advantage of short development cycles, no need for adjuvants and easy mass production to support global supply. The development and optimisation of cationic peptide-based mRNA vaccine delivery systems is currently of increasing interest to pharmaceutical companies. BOC Sciences offers fully validated cationic peptide mRNA delivery systems to assist customers in further research into the efficacy, safety and long-term stability of mRNA vaccines.

The Overview of Cationic Polypeptides

Cationic polypeptides are a class of peptide molecules that are cationic in nature, consisting of missing residues that give cationic peptides specific biological activity and function in living organisms. mRNA is a negatively charged biological macromolecule that cannot cross cell membranes composed of anionic lipids and is phagocytosed in vivo by cells of the innate immune system or degraded by nucleases. As the positively charged cationic polypeptide readily co-assembles with negatively charged mRNA by electrostatic interaction, it is a potential carrier for mRNA delivery.

Cationic polypeptides-based mRNA carrier. - BOC SciencesFigure 1. Cationic polypeptides-based mRNA carrier.

Why Choose Cationic Polypeptides?

  • Cationic polypeptides form complexes with negatively charged mRNA to protect nucleic acids from degradation and to facilitate their efficient delivery into cells, thus facilitating the application of gene therapy.
  • A proportion of cationic polypeptides have biological activities such as antibacterial and antitumour properties in their own right, and provide potent therapeutic effects in addition to acting as mRNA carriers.
  • Cationic polypeptides have immunomodulatory properties, they activate immune cells and enhance antigen presentation, thus improving the immune response. This property makes them an excellent choice for vaccine development and immunotherapy.
  • In addition to delivering mRNA, they can also deliver a range of negatively charged drugs or biological materials, with a wide range of biological applications. Moreover, the diversity of types and structures of cationic polypeptides allows for great scope for screening.

Cationic Polypeptides in mRNA Vaccines

Protamine is a polycationic natural peptide that binds to mRNA to form complexes to maintain mRNA stability. Currently, protamine has been used in many early studies for the delivery of mRNA vaccines. Here, three studies have been conducted to evaluate the efficacy of protamine-mRNA anti-tumour vaccines.

Vaccine ProjectTrial phaseTarget antigenCancer typeImmune responseClinical response
NCT018177381/2PSA, PSMA, PSCA, STEAP1, PAP, and MUC1Metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancerNot reportedNo significant differences in progression-free survival.
NCT009233121/2MAGE-C1, MAGE-C2, NY-ESO-1, survivin, and 5T4Non-small-cell lung cancer (stages IIIb and IV)T-cell responses against at least one tumor-associated antigen in 19 (63%) patientsNo objective responses; progression-free survival and overall survival not improved
NCT019155241MAGE-C1, MAGE-C2, NY-ESO-1, survivin, 5T4, and MUC-1Non-small-cell lung cancer (stage IV)Detectable antigen-specific immunity in 21 (84%) patientsOne (4%) patient had partial response in combination with chemotherapy treatment, and 12 (46%) patients had stable disease

BOC Sciences' Cationic Polypeptide Carrier-based mRNA Vaccine Development Support Service

BOC Sciences scientists are dedicated to assisting clients in the development of mRNA vaccines by coupling target mRNA sequences to protamine for efficient delivery. Of course, many more optional and customised cationic polypeptide-mRNAs are also available at BOC Sciences. You can contact us directly with any ideas you may have and let BOC Sciences support you.

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