Antibody-siRNA Conjugates

Antibody is an important tool in drug delivery as its high specificity and affinity to antigen. In the past, there are already many antibody drugs approved. Based on antibody, antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) is one of the strategies for drug delivery. The technology of ADC is mature now, with seven approved ADCs on the market, researchers are inspired and have already developed the antibody-based delivery technology by conjugating antibody for siRNA delivery.

Antibody 3D  illustration Figure 1. Antibody 3D illustration

Mechanistically, antibody-siRNA conjugates (ARCs) exert their activity by

  • Specific binding of antibody to target
  • Internalization
  • Degradation and release the siRNA
  • Reducing the gene expression

The main advantage of ARCs is high ligand binding efficiency and prolonged presence in blood due to high molecular weight (~150 kDa). However, the development of ARC is still at the early stage. Though the design principle of ARC is somewhat the same with ADC, there are still some challenges for ARC:

  • Difficult to internalize due to high polarity of RNA.
  • Immune response.
  • Difficult to bind the antigen with high expression in target tissue.
  • Efficiency of internalization.
  • Selectivity: antibody mediated internalization is not the only endocytosis pathway, which leads to low selectivity.
  • Technical obstacles on scale up production and purification.

Thus, further optimization, including the use of humanized antibodies or Fab fragments, endosomolytic agents, and chemically-modified siRNAs, are potential strategies for the use of ARCs in the clinic.

What we provide?

We provide antibody-siRNA conjugates with high quality. We can design and synthesis the siRNA based on the target gene, and our parent company BOC Sciences can provide high quality antibodies, we can conjugate them to form antibody-siRNA conjugates.

How we do?

  • siRNA design, synthesis, purification, characterization
  • Antibody production/custom synthesis
  • Conjugate the antibody and siRNA
  • Characterization

Why choose us

  • High quality raw materials
  • Free design
  • Experienced experts
    Strict QA and QC
  • Advanced analytical equipments
  • Professional technical support
  • 1 on 1 customer service
  • Competitive price
  • Fast delivery


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* Only for research. Not suitable for any diagnostic or therapeutic use.
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