siRNA Control

The control experiment is very important to get correct data in the experiment.

BOC RNA provides both positive and negative siRNA control. Our controls can be used to optimize the RNAi experimental condition. Transfection efficiency can be observed easily by fluorescence-labeled negative control. The effect of gene silencing can be identified by qPCR or Western Blot.

siRNA positive control

siRNA positive control is the known siRNA which can silence specific gene, it can be used in control experiment to ensure the effect of gene silencing.

siRNA negative control/fluorescence-labeled siRNA negative control

  • Same composition as the selected siRNA sequences
  • No genetic homology with other genes
  • pH tolerance, high stability

Product Advantages

  1. Negative control siRNAs are specially designed not to target any known human, mouse, or rat genes without any chemical modifications and have a much lower off-target effect.
  2. Positive control siRNA is specifically designed and experimentally validated to specifically target endogenous genes or reporter genes for siRNAs.
  3. Fluorescent transfection control siRNA is fluorescently labeled with Cy3, Cy5, FAM, etc., without chemical modification, with high fluorescence intensity and good anti-quenching properties, especially suitable for transfection efficiency detection in cellular experiments, which can be detected by fluorescence microscopy, confocal microscopy and flow cytometry.

BOC RNA provides high-quality and effective siRNA positive and negative for the customers' control experiment.

All of our siRNA controls are purified by HPLC, and supplied in lyophilized powder. The quantity of our siRNA controls is usually 1 OD.

Catalog No.ProductQuantityPurificationPriceTimes
BRF-001Positive control siRNA1 ODHPLCInquiryInquiry
BRF-002Negative control siRNA1 ODHPLCInquiryInquiry
BRF-003Fluorescence-labeled negative control siRNA1 ODHPLCInquiryInquiry

Please send email to if you need other quantities or other positive/negative control siRNA.

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* Only for research. Not suitable for any diagnostic or therapeutic use.
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