Large Scale Oligonucleotides Synthesis

Large Scale Oligonucleotides Synthesis

BOC Sciences is a leading biotechnology company dedicated to providing high quality and GMP-grade RNA and DNA synthesis services to clients worldwide. Large scale oligonucleotides synthesis service is one of the main focuses of BOC Sciences, so we have the most optimized and efficient solutions with the goal to be your most reliable RNA service provider in the biomedical field.

Part of the RISC complex and plays role in RNAi.

Large Scale Oligonucleotides Synthesis Services from BOC Sciences

Based on BOC Sciences' high-throughput and continuously optimized oligonucleotide synthesis platform, we can assist our customers in easily obtaining large quantities of pure DNA and RNA oligonucleotides. Using highly purified raw materials and developing oligonucleotide production processes, we are committed to large-scale oligonucleotide synthesis of several grams at competitive prices and fast turnaround times.

BOC Sciences supports large-scale synthesis of various types of oligonucleotides.

Large Scale DNA Oligo Synthesis: We provide large-scale synthesis services for DNA oligonucleotides with a variety of lengths and sequences, including single- and double-stranded DNA.

Large Scale RNA Oligo Synthesis: We provide large-scale synthesis of RNA oligonucleotides of various lengths and sequences, including various RNA analogs.

Modified Oligonucleotide: We provide large-scale synthesis of modified oligonucleotides, such as phosphorylated, conjugated, biotinylated, etc.

Part of the RISC complex and plays role in RNAi.BOC Sciences' large-scale oligonucleotide synthesis service.

Applications of Large Scale Oligonucleotides Synthesis

Gene Editing: We provide large scale customized oligonucleotides for the CRISPR-Cas9 system and other gene editing technologies to support and advance the development and application of gene editing technologies.

Gene Therapy: We provide oligonucleotide tools related to RNAi research for the development of nucleic acid drugs such as siRNA and miRNA.

mRNA Vaccines: We provide oligonucleotides for vaccine development, such as precursors and adjuvant vaccines for mRNA vaccines.

Diagnostic and Assay Reagents: We provide customized oligonucleotide probes and primers as highly sensitive bio-diagnostic and assay tools for advances in biomedical research.

Basic Biology Research: We provide large-scale oligonucleotide products for academic research and experiments, such as PCR and fluorescent labeling.

Why Choose Us?

Complete Quality Assurance: BOC Sciences employs stringent quality assurance measures and GMP standards to ensure high quality and batch-to-batch consistency in its large-scale oligonucleotide synthesis services.

Efficient Manufacturing Capabilities: BOC Sciences' state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and advanced synthesis technologies allow us to handle large-scale oligonucleotide synthesis projects with ease. Regardless of the size of your needs, we can deliver on time and ensure high purity and accuracy.

Customized Service: BOC Sciences has the experience and expertise in oligonucleotide synthesis to ensure that we fully understand the needs and specific requirements of our customers and provide customized synthesis solutions that are tailored to the purpose and application of the experiment.

Efficient Delivery: Based on decades of experience in oligonucleotide services, BOC Sciences has optimized service processes and production management to enable efficient oligonucleotide synthesis in the shortest possible time. We understand that time is of the essence for your research and development projects, so we are committed to timely delivery.

For more detail about our large scale oligonucleotide synthesis services, please feel free to contact us.

* Only for research. Not suitable for any diagnostic or therapeutic use.
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