Peptide-siRNA conjugates

Peptide-siRNA conjugates

Cell-penetrating peptide, or CPP for short, is a short peptide that can penetrate through the cell membranes and directly enter the cytosol to facilitate intracellular. CPPs can deliver the cargo into the cells, which can be a very promising tool for drug delivery system to deliver the candidate drugs as the sequence and function diversity of the peptides. There are many internalization pathways for CPPs, such as direct penetration through the cellular membrane, endocytosis-mediated cell entry followed by endosomolysis, and receptor-mediated uptake. 

peptide 3D illustration Figure 1. peptide 3D illustration

CPPs can be divided into four categories

  • Hydrophilic CPPs

Examples: Tat, Arginine oligomer

  • Amphiphilic CPPs

Examples: MPG-8, BPrPp, Pep-1, Penetratin, CADY

  • Targeting ligand-CPP conjugates

Examples: Fab-Protamine, mAb-R9, A1-Tat, RVG-R9

  • Activatable CPPs

Examples: ACPP

CPPs can deliver siRNA into the cells by conjugation with siRNA. Up to now, more than 100 CPPs have been identified, and they are different in 3D conformations, polarity, hydrophilicity, hydrophobicity, electric charges, and length of amino acids. T hey display different functions including siRNA binding, membrane penetration, endosome disruption, and targeting.

The 5'-internal or 3'-terminus of a siRNA can be linked to N-internal or C-terminus of a peptide using preactivated small molecules with functional groups residing in peptides to form peptide-siRNA conjugates.

What we provide?

We provide peptide-siRNA conjugates with high quality. We can design and synthesis the siRNA based on the target gene, and our parent company BOC Sciences can provide high quality peptides, we can conjugate them to form peptide-siRNA conjugates.

How we do?

  1. siRNA design, synthesis, purification, characterization
  2. peptide production/custom synthesis
  3. Conjugate the peptide and siRNA
  4. Characterization

Why choose us?

  • High quality raw materials
  • Free design
  • Experienced experts, strict QA and QC
  • Advanced analytical equipments
  • Professional technical support
  • 1 on 1 customer service
  • Competitive price
  • Fast delivery


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