Amplifluor Probes

What are Amplifluor Probes?

Amplifluor molecular probes are designed to monitor the amplification of target DNA sequences in real time and can be used to detect specific DNA sequences during nucleic acid amplification techniques such as real-time PCR. Ampliflu probes are usually short DNA oligonucleotides with specific terminal modifications for molecular biology and genetics research. The basic structure of an Amplifluor probe consists of three components: Z-sequence, Z-primer and UniPrimer.

The sturcture of Amplifluor probes. - BOC SciencesFigure.1 The sturcture of Amplifluor probes.

  • Z Sequence: An 18-nucleotide sequence used as a template.
  • Z Primer: A sequence that binds to the 5' end of the Z sequence.
  • UniPrimer: A sequence in the form of a ring in which the fluorescent reporter group and the bursting group are very close to each other.

Mechanism of Amplifluor Probes

Ampliflor probes work on the principle that when the probe is free and not bound to the target DNA, the burst of fluorescence from the fluorophore occurs due to the close proximity of the bursting agent and the fluorophore. While when the probe binds to the target DNA during PCR amplification, the burst and fluorophore separate due to a specific binding event, resulting in the emission of fluorescence and the corresponding enhancement of the fluorescence signal.

The mechanism of Amplifluor probes. - BOC SciencesFigure.2 The mechanism of Amplifluor probes.

Custom Amplifluor Probes from BOC Sciences

BOC Sciences has a GMP-grade oligonucleotide synthesis platform that provides customized Amplifluor probe services for a variety of applications, including probe sequence design, dye selection, bursting agent selection, probe synthesis, purification and characterization.

Probe Design and Optimization: With state of the art laboratory equipment and optimized probe synthesis process, BOC Sciences can design and customize the most suitable Amplifluor probes according to the project requirements provided by customers.

Fluorescent Dye and Bursting Agent Selection: BOC Sciences has a library of fluorescent dyes and bursting agents for customers to choose from. You can select the desired reporter dye or bursting agent, and our experienced specialists will provide you with recommendations for matching bursting agents or reporter dyes based on the excitation and emission wavelengths of the dyes.

Amplifluor Probe Modification: BOC Sciences provides oligonucleotide sequence synthesis, dye conjugation, and necessary oligonucleotide modification services.

Purification and Characterization: All oligonucleotide probes are purified by HPLC and controlled by Mass Spectrometry. Furthermore, BOC Sciences performs a series of validation experiments to ensure their reliability and specificity in PCR reactions.

Applications of BOC Sciences' Amplifluor Probes

Gene Expression Analysis: Amplifluor probes can be used to analyze gene expression levels in different tissues, time points or conditions. By detecting the amplification of a target gene, the expression of that gene in a sample can be quantitatively measured.

Genotyping Testing: Amplifluor probes can be used to analyze single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) on a target gene, which can further allow for the determination of an individual's genotype.

Mutation Detection: Amplifluor probes can be used to detect mutations associated with diseases (hereditary diseases, cancer, etc.) and provide reference for diagnosis and related drug development.

Drug Development and Screening: During the research and development of gene therapy, Amplifluor technology can be employed as a screening indicator for detecting the modulating effect of drugs on the expression of specific genes.

Please directly submit your application requirements to us and then leave the customization of Amplifluor probes to BOC Sciences. For additional probe designs, larger mole quantities, large orders, or other special requests, please feel free to contact us.

* Only for research. Not suitable for any diagnostic or therapeutic use.
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