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BOC RNA specializes in siRNA synthesis according to your special requirements, and our siRNA services have competitive prices and high quality. We provide a variety of modification and purification methods. Each siRNA is produced in accordance with strict ISO standards during the synthesis process and is controlled in accordance with BOC RNA's strict quality assurance and quality control standards. The quality control of all customized siRNA oligonucleotides is performed by analytical HPLC, mass spectrometry, annealing in RNase-free water, and double-stranded analysis by analytical gel. Large-scale sterile, endotoxin-free siRNA can be used for therapeutic applications.

Competitive Advantages:

  • Comprehensive modification and labeling

From conventional modification to fluorescent/non-fluorescent labeling, even dual and multiple labeling.

  • Guaranteed knock down

Two of the three custom siRNAs will produce 80% siRNA knockdown.

  • Flexible synthetic scale

0.015 µmol, 50 nmol, 100 nmol, 200 nmol, 1 µmol, 5 µmol, 10 µmol, and > 10 µmol. Mass production can be provided upon request.

  • Design for free (four siRNA oligos)

You can submit selected siRNA sequences, or use our design tools to configure siRNA sequences.

  • High purity
  • Ready to use
  • Customized package
  • Simple operation
  • High transfection efficiency
  • Low toxic side effects
  • Experienced team

Scientists and employees with more than 15 years of experience in oligonucleotide synthesis and modification.

  • Cost-effective

Competitive price and excellent value for money.

All of our custom siRNAs are purified by HPLC. If you have special requirements, please contact us. The quantity we can provide ranges from 2 OD to 250 OD

Cat. No.ProductQuantityPurificationPrice
BRC-001Custom siRNA2 OD-250 ODHPLCInquiry


  • siRNA Oligo Synthesis:

BOC RNA provides flexible siRNA synthesis scale to meet your individual research needs. The 0.015 µmol scale mini package is designed to avoid tight budgets. Large quantities of orders are also available on request.

 DesaltedHPLCIn vivoIn vivo HPLC
0.015 µmol scale10---
0.025 µmol scale20---
0.05 µmol scale50-25-
0.2 µmol scale1506510050
0.4 µmol scale300180200100
1.0 µmol scale750375500250
2.0 µmol scale15007501000500
5.0 µmol scale3750187525001250
10.0 µmol scale7500375050002500
> 10.0 µmol    
  • Modifications and Labelings
  • siRNA can be modified on either strand at either end. Many modifications are possible, but availability may depend on sequence or other factors. BOC RNA provides comprehensive modifications for your personal research needs. Dyes and labels that can be used for modification include:

    • Fluorescent dyes

    Alexa Fluor dyes have excellent performance and can directly replace other common dyes. Other available fluorescent dyes include fluorescein, rhodamine, Cy3, and Cy5. The customized siRNA can be labeled at the 3'or 5'end of the sense strand, and the labeling will not affect the biological activity of the siRNA.

    • Non-fluorescent dyes, such as biotin, etc.
    • Skeleton and base, including amino linkers, sulfur bond linkers, dabcyl, and phosphate modifications, etc.

To learn more, please refer to our chemical modification services and fluorescent labeling services. If necessary, special modifications can be made.

  • Purification

For unmodified siRNA strands, we usually achieve purity of 80-85% without purification.

However, when the chemically synthesized siRNA is chemical modification at the 3'end or inside, double modified on the same chain, or designed for highly sensitive assays or in vivo applications, the options listed below are frequently used:

Processing TypesSingle StrandsDesaltedHPLCIn vivoIn vivo HPLC
Endotoxin tested   
Sodium counter-ion   
Recommended for modified RNA   
Recommended for in vivo use   
2'ACE protected single-strands    

We also provide siRNAs purified according to your needs by choosing different methods. Please contact technical support for more information on purification recommendations or estimation of the purity of unpurified substances.

Note: All siRNA oligonucleotides are supplied in the form of lyophilized powder to ensure stability during delivery.

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