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Molecular diagnostic technology refers to the uses of DNA or RNA as template materials, and applies with molecular biology techniques to diagnose human body state and diseases by detecting defective or abnormal genes expression. The basic principle of molecular diagnostic is to determine the structure, amount, and expression changes in DNA or RNA, thus further verifying gene stability and abnormality. The molecular diagnostic technique is important for the prognosis, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. According to layman's terms, all methodological techniques based on molecular biology are so-called molecular diagnostic techniques, such as PCR technology, gene sequencing technology, etc. With the rapid development of molecular diagnostic technology, customers have gained more advanced requirements for diagnostic probe products.

BOC Sciences, with our expertise, offers a wide range of high-quality diagnostic probes that meet the needs of research and industry from R&D to production. We also provide a variety of modifications or markers on the 5' and 3' ends of probes, or specified locations according to the specific needs of customers.

The following diagnostic probe products are available, including but not limited to:

Competitive advantages

  • High purity and low background noise probes are made with fine purification technology.
  • Stringent quality control system ensures real-time monitoring of probe production and batch-to-batch consistency.
  • Highly customizable: offers a wide range of synthetic specifications from nmol to umol, HPLC, PAGE, and other high-purity, high-standard purification methods.
  • Optional custom QC assays:
    1. Fluorescence value enzyme cut increment (FLU): ensure that the fluorescence and quenching groups of TaqMan probes, molecular beacons and other conventional double-labeled primers function properly.
    2. Positive template control assay (PTC): ensures the amplification efficiency of positive targets.
    3. Human source contamination detection (HSC): avoid primer contamination of human gDNA.
    4.  No template control assay (NTC): eliminate false positives for negative controls.
  • Cyclical quality tracking system and issue regular quality tracking reports establishment.


  • The guarantee effects limit to human-derived mouse sources. Other species have no guaranteed effectiveness. The clarity is related to the sample’s quality, RNA abundance, slice, and photographing equipment, so clarity effect is not guaranteed.
  • The above invalidity needs to be confirmed by the company. If verification meets the company's shipping standards, customers are responsible for relevant fees.
  • For all affirmation or validity confirmation, different cells pertain to different expressions and rules, so only one type of cell or sample is needed to confirm the effect. There is no guarantee that all cells or samples will achieve a positive result.

Quotation and Ordering

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* Only for research. Not suitable for any diagnostic or therapeutic use.
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