Amino Modifiers

When performing DNA/RNA oligonucleotide synthesis, we can incorporate a variety of modifications in order to achieve specific downstream experimental application needs or functions. BOC RNA offers a variety of amino modifiers and we will consult with our customers to determine the specific requirements and expectations to meet their goals.

What is Amino Modification

Amino modifications are widely used in DNA chips (DNA Microarray) and multi-labeling diagnostic systems. Currently, two types of amino modifications are offered: C6 and C12, which represent the number of carbon atoms in the straight chain of methylene groups between NH2 and DNA, and the carbon chain serves to increase the spatial distance. The former can be used to link some compounds that do not affect their functions even if they are close to the oligonucleotide, while the latter is used for the linkage of affinity-purified groups and some groups that cannot be too close to the DNA chain (e.g. fluorescent groups that are easily quenched by DNA).

Principle of Amino Modification

5'Aminolinker (C6) was added to the primer 5' sugar ring as an amine phosphite by B-cyanoethyl chemistry in the last step of the synthesis cycle, not to the last base.

The coupling efficiency of the 5'amino standard is >95%, and the amino group has no absorbance value at 260 nm; it has an absorbance value at 210 nm. Its presence cannot be detected by electrophoresis (agarose or acrylamide).

The 3'Aminolinker (C7) is only compatible with some 5' modifications such as FAM, HEX, TET, Fluorescein, Biotin, Amine, and phosphate. other 5' modifications (such as Alexa dyes) require amino groups to be attached to the oligonucleotide, which prevents the dye from being attached to the 3' amino group.

Amino modifications are very simple and inexpensive methods. Any kind of amino modification is possible, and the 5' terminal C6 type works well.

Classification of Amino Modification

  • Internal amino modification

The C6-dT aminolinker is mainly used to add to thymine residues for internal modification. The modified amino group is 10 atoms away from the main chain and can be used for further labeling and enzymatic ligation (e.g. alkaline phosphatase). dT-Dabcyl, dT-Biotin and dT-Digoxingenin modifications mediated by internal amino group modification are currently available.

  • 5'amino modification

The 5' amino modification is used to prepare functionalized oligonucleotides, which are widely used in DNA microarrays and multi-labeling diagnostic systems. Both 5' C6 amino modifications, which can be used to ligate compounds that do not affect the function of the oligonucleotide even in close proximity, and 5' C12 amino modifications, which are used for ligation of affinity-purified groups and some fluorescent labeling, especially when the fluorescence may be quenched by labeling too close to the DNA strand, are currently available.

  • 3' amino modification

The 3' C6 amino modification is currently available. It can be used to design new diagnostic probes and antisense nucleotides, e.g. the 5' end can be labeled with highly sensitive 32P or fluorescein while the 3' can be amino modified for additional ligation. In addition, the 3' modification can inhibit 3' exonuclease digestion and thus can be used for antisense experiments.

Amino Modifiers

We Provide the Following Amino Modifiers

Amino ModifiersShort CodePrice
3'-Amino modifier C12N12-3'Inquiry
3'-Amino modifier C6N6-3'Inquiry
3'-Amino modifier C3N3-3'Inquiry
5'-Amino modifier C12N12Inquiry
5'-Amino modifier C3N3Inquiry
5'-Amino modifier C5N5Inquiry
5'-Amino modifier C6N6Inquiry


  • Top-ranked expertise

We offer additional purification services. We strictly control the quality of each synthesized oligonucleotide. The final product is suitable for different downstream applications and research purposes

  • Wide range of synthesis sizes

We can synthesize oligonucleotides in 10, 20 and 50 nmol scales. If you are unsure of the quantity or need a specific amount, we can advise on the optimal synthesis scale.

  • One-on-One Attentive Service

BOC RNA's team of experts has extensive experience in oligonucleotide chemical synthesis, and we can provide real-time technical guidance to our customers. BOC RNA will provide special services according to the requirements of our clients. We are eager to be your preferred and trusted solution provider. For more information, please feel free to contact us.

* Only for research. Not suitable for any diagnostic or therapeutic use.
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