Custom ssRNA Synthesis

BOC Sciences is an industry leader in high-quality oligonucleotide synthesis and formulation services. We provide professional custom ssRNA oligonucleotides with flexible synthesis scales to meet customers' diverse needs. All ssRNA sequences are produced using proprietary technology, providing industry-leading RNA quality.

Introduction to ssRNA

  • What is ssRNA

Single-stranded RNA (ssRNA) is an RNA molecule containing only one strand. Unlike double-stranded DNA, most RNAs in organisms are single-stranded molecules. When they are folded into their secondary structures, RNA molecules can be present in both single-stranded and double-stranded domains. Although certain RNA viruses are double-stranded and composed of two complementary strands, it is generally presented in a viral form when it comes to ssRNA.

Custom ssRNA Synthesis

  • Classification of ssRNA

1. Positive-strand RNA virus (+ssRNA virus)

The ssRNA of positive-strand RNA viruses (e.g., poliovirus) can directly function as mRNA to translate early proteins, including RNA polymerase and regulatory proteins that inhibit host cell anabolism. Under the action of RNA polymerase, ssRNA (positive-strand) is used as a template for the complementary strand (negative-strand), thus creating the complemented double-strand, namely replication type. Moreover, new RNAs (positive-strand) are produced using the negative strand, which becomes replication intermediates. Nevertheless, new positive-strand RNAs can be used as mRNAs in synthesizing coating proteins.

2. Negative-strand RNA virus (-ssRNA virus)

Unlike positive-strand RNA viruses, negative-strand RNA viruses (e.g., orthomyxoviruses and paramyxoviruses) cannot be used as mRNAs. Furthermore, its complementary strand (positive-strand) must be synthesized as mRNA first and then translated into the protein molecule, producing a replicative form of nucleic acid that can be used as the template for daughter viral RNA. As for retroviruses (RVs), they reserved machinery of higher complexity, such as reverse transcriptase. Their reverse transcriptase genomic RNAs first synthesize proviral DNAs under the action of reverse transcriptase so that provirus can be integrated into host chromosomal DNA.

  • Applications of ssRNA

  1. Custom microRNA inhibitors
  2. Antisense oligos
  3. Enzyme substrates
  4. RNA/DNA hybrids
  5. Aptamers
  6. Custom RNA duplexes
  7. FISH/ISH probes
  8. Ribozymes
  9. tRNAs
  10. FRET probes
  11. Dicer substrates

BOC Sciences' ssRNA Synthesis Service Content

ServicesCustom ssRNA synthesis
  • Standard scales: from 0.05 µmol to 1.0 µmol. (other scales are available upon request)
  • Large-scale synthesis
Synthesis Quality
  • Research grade
  • GMP-grade
Sequence LengthAll ssRNAs are available from a few dozens up to several thousand bases
  • Standard RNA Bases
  • 2'-Omethyl RNA Bases
  • Standard DNA Bases
  • Base Modifications
  • Backbone modifications
  • Chain Terminators
  • Labelings
  • Phosphorylations
  • 2'-Modifications
  • Amino Modifiers
  • Thiol Modifiers
  • Spacer Modifiers
  • Degenerate Bases
  • Other modifications
PurificationDesalted, deprotected, PAGE, HPLC, and/or MS
Quality Control
  • 100% mass spectrometry
  • Copy number control for final products
  • Normalization and aliquoting services
  • Sterility & bioburden controls
  • Lyophilized ssRNA in tubes
  • Certificate of Analysis (COA)
  • QC Report (MS/HPLC)

Custom ssRNA Synthesis

BOC-Sciences' ssRNA Synthesis Service Advantages

  1. High Quality Synthesis Products - BOC Sciences' ssRNA synthesis services provide high quality synthesis products to ensure the best results for your research.
  2. Customized Synthesis Services - BOC Sciences' ssRNA synthesis services offer customized synthesis services to meet your specific research needs.
  3. Fast Delivery Times - BOC Sciences offers fast delivery times to ensure that your research is not delayed.
  4. Professional Technical Support - BOC Sciences' ssRNA synthesis services offer professional technical support to ensure your research runs smoothly.
  5. Competitive Pricing - BOC Sciences' ssRNA synthesis services offer competitive pricing to ensure you get the most out of your research budget.
  6. Comprehensive Quality Control - BOC Sciences' ssRNA synthesis services offer comprehensive quality control to ensure that the quality of your synthesized product meets the highest standards.
  7. Flexible Scaling - BOC Sciences' ssRNA synthesis services offer flexible scaling to meet your research needs, whether it is a small-scale trial or a large-scale production.
* Only for research. Not suitable for any diagnostic or therapeutic use.
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