Modification of the 2' position of the ribose ring is an important biotechnological experiment, and 2'-modified oligonucleotides exhibit a high binding affinity to target RNA, enhanced metabolic stability, and improved pharmacokinetic and toxicity profiles. BOC RNA has extensive experience in the chemical synthesis of oligonucleotides, with exclusive equipment, reagents, and expertise to ensure the high quality of each oligonucleotide. We specialize in offering a comprehensive range of DNA/RNA modification services, including 2'-modified oligonucleotides.

Introduction of 2'-Modified Oligonucleotides

  • What is Oligonucleotide

Oligonucleotides can specifically conjugate to target genes or mRNA according to the principle of base complementarity, and inhibit the expression of target genes at the level of gene replication, transcription, mRNA splicing, transport or translation, thus achieving gene regulation. Its biological function is largely dependent on its stability, bioavailability and properties of binding or reacting with target genes.

Modified oligonucleotides are considered as new research tools for selective inhibition of gene expression and the most promising new drugs for antitumor and antiviral chemotherapy. Thus methylated antisense DNA, phosphorothioate antisense DNA, phosphorodithioate antisense DNA, alpha-configuration antisense DNA and antisense DNA with various terminal chemical modifications came into being. The chemical modification of oligonucleotides is mainly to introduce various active groups through covalent linkage on oligonucleotides to artificially synthesize oligonucleotide conjugates.

  • Why Modify Oligonucleotides

  1. Increase the specific affinity of the oligonucleotide to the target sequence
  2. Increase the stability of the oligonucleotide molecule
  3. Increase the permeability of the oligonucleotide to the cell
  • What is 2'-Modified Oligonucleotides

Modification at the 2' position of the ribose ring is commonly used to help increase oligonucleotide stability and improve resistance to nuclease activity in vivo. 2'-Modifications can be used to alter the structure, shape, function and activity of RNA molecules. This technique may improve the sensitivity of genomics experiments, especially in transcription products that are highly stable in RNA molecules. 2'-Modifications can also be used to block the effects of RNA recognition and modification of proteins, thereby altering the expression level of RNA and activating or repressing genes. In addition, it can also be used to modify RNA splicing as well as to enhance RNA-DNA interactions.

2'-Modifications have been successfully applied to modify oligonucleotides to alter the expression of oligonucleotides, which helps to study the structure and function of proteins, and even applied to gene therapy to improve therapeutic efficiency. In addition, modifying the 2' position can be used to develop anti-infectious disease drugs, anti-tumor drugs, and anti-inflammatory drugs.


BOC RNA's 2'-Modified Oligos Services

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Why Choose Our 2'-Modified Oligo Service

  1. High Purity - BOC RNA offers high purity products that can be achieved to minimize the effects of impurities.
  2. Highly Customizable - BOC RNA can be highly customized to meet customer needs, including the selection of appropriate modifications, chain length, purity and other parameters.
  3. Fast Delivery - BOC RNA offers fast delivery, enabling customers to proceed to subsequent experiments faster.
  4. Extensive Modification Options - BOC RNA's oligonucleotide service offers a wide range of different modification options to meet different research needs.
  5. Professional Team Support - BOC RNA has a professional team support that can provide technical support and customer service.

BOC RNA is committed to providing end-to-end custom DNA/RNA modification services. If you have additional questions (for larger volumes, flexible packaging, custom manufacturing services), please contact us.

* Only for research. Not suitable for any diagnostic or therapeutic use.
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