siRNA Screening Services

siRNA screening is a simple and rapid experiment to determine gene function. Sequence design is the key to a successful RNAi experiment. Different regional designs of siRNA achieve different effects. BOC Sciences provides effective siRNA screening services to help customers screen efficient siRNA with detailed experimental reports, including experimental methods, procedures, photos and related data. A small number of screening experiments apply qPCR methods to verify the silencing efficiency. While the large number of screening experiments can use high-throughput siRNA screening strategies to ensure more reliable and meaningful experimental discoveries, as well as comprehensively accelerate your RNA-related experimental research process.

siRNA Screening Services

Service Flow

  1. Complete program services for gene
    • According to gene identification, design 4-6 siRNAs and screen 1-2 most effective siRNA targets with an inhibition efficiency greater than 80% and minimize off-target effect.
    • Detect transfection efficiency of cells based on fluorescently labeled siRNA or GFP/RFP/Luciferase reporter system to obtain high-quality transfection images.
    • Perform target transfection and verify the effectiveness of target in mRNA by RT-PCR
    • Verify target interference effect at protein level by Western Blot.
    • Help customers to compile statistics and images to obtain satisfactory and effective siRNA targets
  2. Complete project service for target
    • Synthesize siRNA sequence based on target information
    • Detect cellular transfection efficiency according to fluorescently labeled siRNA or GFP/RFP/Luciferase reporting system to obtain high-quality transfection pictures.
    • Perform target transfection and verify target validity in mRNA by RT-PCR.
    • Use Western Blot to verify target interference effect at the protein level.
    • Compile statistical data for customers, and organize effective results pictures of target.
    • Perform follow-up functional assays for customers, including RT-PCR or Western Blot that affect genes.
    • Detection of apoptosis and damage gene indicators.
    • MTT to detect cell proliferation.

What does our client need to offer?

  • Gene ID, Gene Accession Number or Gene Name.
  • Cell lines or siRNA target sequence and evidence that this target is effective.
  • High-quality primary antibody (Can be purchased from BOC Sciences).
  • To help with target identification and validation.

BOC Sciences strives to be your preferred and trusted provider for siRNA screening services. Our advanced technology and experienced staff are dedicated to advancing your program and reducing overall development time. Please feel free to contact us if you have any special requirements for siRNA screening services.

* Only for research. Not suitable for any diagnostic or therapeutic use.
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