Webinar: Naturally Occurring Sensitive Nucleic Acids, Applications and Chemical Synthesis

March 9th, 2023 14:00 EST

Session Description

Nucleic acids including DNA and RNA contain over 150 noncanonical nucleosides. Among these epigenetically modified nucleosides, many are sensitive to conditions used by the existing DNA/RNA synthesis technologies. Therefore, nucleic acids containing sensitive modified nucleosides are currently inaccessible via synthetic chemistry or highly challenging.

In this presentation, Dr. Shiyue Fang will showcase experimental examples of sensitive nucleosides, including their biological roles and relationships to clinical applications, challenges related to nucleic acids synthesis containing sensitive nucleosides, and the current status of the Dim-Dmoc method developed by his research group at the Michigan Technological University that overcomes related obstacles. In addition, Dr. Fang will also share personal opinions regarding the potential applications of sensitive nucleic acids accessible by the Dim-Dmoc method.

Highlights of the presentation

  • Diverse structures of sensitive nucleosides
  • Insights on applications of sensitive nucleic acids
  • Dim-Dmoc methods for sensitive nucleic acid synthesis

Webinar Recording

Webinar Speaker

Webinar Speaker

Dr. Shiyue Fang

Professor in the Department of Chemistry

Michigan Technological University

Dr. Shiyue Fang's research interests are in the areas of organic synthesis and nucleic acid chemistry. Current projects in his research group include developing methodologies for sensitive DNA and RNA synthesis, and total chemical gene synthesis. The projects received multiple awards from National Science Foundation and National Institutes of Health. Dr. Fang has published more than 70 research articles in various international journals including four invited book chapters. He is an inventor of four US patents and two pending US patent applications.

* Only for research. Not suitable for any diagnostic or therapeutic use.
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