tRNA Services

tRNA Services

What is tRNA?

Transfer RNA (tRNA) is a small RNA molecule that plays a key role in protein synthesis. As the link between amino acids and nucleic acids, tRNA determines the genetic code.

Structure of tRNA.Fig 1. Structure of tRNA. (Suzuki T, 2021)

Functions of tRNA

The functions of tRNAs have expanded beyond protein translation and include a large collection of roles in biosynthesis, viral replication, cellular stress responses and even animal behavior.

Functions of tRNA.Fig 2. Functions of tRNA. (Suzuki T, 2021)

As the world's leading provider of high-quality products and services for RNA discovery, synthesis and analysis, BOC Sciences provides tRNA services and products for tRNA discovery and treatment of common diseases. In order to support application in human pathology and tRNA bioinformatics research, we provide comprehensive RNA-related services, including: customized tRNA synthesis services, LC-MS based tRNA modification analysis, professional and reliable analysis of genes quantitative expression. Moreover, our advanced tRNA-sequencing and microarray platforms enable our researchers to explore tRNAs on an unprecedented scale.

Our Comprehensive tRNA Products & Services

1. tRNA Sequencing Services

Clinical studies have shown that tRNA expression and mutations are associated with various diseases. Therefore, in order to deepen the understanding of tRNA biology, tRNA sequencing has become a crucial tool for analyzing the differential expression of genes at the whole-transcriptome level. BOC Sciences offers optimized and validated RNA-Seq experimental designs, ensuring high-quality and biologically meaningful data. Our complete tRNA sequencing solution includes: tiRNA and tRF sequencing, tRNA m5C methylation sequencing and tRNA m7G modification sequencing. In addition, our bioinformatics experts are capable of offering comprehensive tRNA annotation and data analysis services, helping our clients gain insights into tRNAs in biology and disease..

2. Custom tRNA Synthesis

tRNA is a key component of the translation machinery of nearly all life forms, helping to decode messenger RNA (mRNA) sequences into proteins. A comprehensive understanding of the structure and function of tRNA is of great significance to the study of human diseases. According to the specific project requirements of customers, BOC Sciences provides any length of tRNA. Combining the expertise of our experts in synthetic chemistry, we offer custom tRNA synthesis using unnatural amino acids (UAA) and custom specially modified tRNA synthesis services.

Our custom tRNA synthesis service has the following features and advantages:

  • Unrivaled purity
  • High reproducibility
  • High Fidelity and integrity
  • Extensive chemical modification options for tRNA synthesis

3. tRNA Microarray

In recent years, the development of microarray technology has promoted the study of tRNA expression. Microarrays analyze predefined transcripts/genes by hybridization, allowing simultaneous measurement of tens of thousands of tRNAs. BOC Sciences provides novel, straightforward and cost-effective tRNA microarray services to accurately measure tRNA abundance in a variety of biological samples. Our tailor-made methods exhibit excellent reproducibility, sensitivity, and specificity, all meeting or exceeding current standards for tRNA microarray analysis.

What we offer?

  • The absolute amounts of tRNA and tRNA charging levels
  • Identification of low-abundance species
  • Investigation of the biological relevance of changes in tRNA expression

4. tRNA Expression Analysis

Expression and mutation of tRNAs are closely related to certain diseases, including neuropathology and cancer development. Therefore, it is important to monitor and determine changes in tRNA abundance and modification during biological processes. tRNA gene expression has also received increasing attention, and scientists identify changes in tRNA expression by analyzing tRNA expression levels at the gene, codon, and amino acid levels.

BOC Sciences expression analysis tools

  • Classical reverse transcription-quantitative polymerase chain reaction (RT-qPCR): quantification of changes in individual tRNA abundance and analysis of tRNA expression patterns.
  • tRNA microarrays: determination of gene expression of tRNAs by identifying tRNA anticodon loops.
  • tRNA sequencing: assessment of differences in relative tRNA expression across treatments, tissues or subcellular fractions.

What we offer?

  • Expression profiles of tRNAs.
  • Identification of differentially expressed tRNAs.
  • Visualization of expression signatures of tRNAs.

5. tRNA Modification Analysis Service

Post-transcriptional modifications profoundly affect RNA structure and function. tRNAs are the class of RNA molecules with the largest number and types of modifications, and these modifications are associated with cancer and a range of diseases. Therefore, scientists have developed various tools and strategies to identify and quantify these important modifications. BOC Sciences offers mass spectrometry (MS)-based analysis services for comprehensive mapping of tRNA modifications. In addition to conventional LC-MS techniques, we also provide high-performance UPLC-MS and HPLC-MS analysis services, enabling rapid separation and identification of various modified ribonucleosides. Our method has high sensitivity and a broad quantitative range, which is suitable for analyzing tRNA modification patterns in a variety of cells.

6. tRNA Synthetase-Enzyme

tRNA synthetases are essential enzymes that provide fidelity to mRNA-to-protein translation in living cells by catalyzing the esterification of a specific cognate amino acid or its precursor to one of its compatible cognate tRNAs to form aminoacyl-tRNAs. tRNA synthetase plays an important role in DNA translation, gene expression, etc. In addition, it has impact on some metabolic and signaling pathways that are important for cell viability. BOC Sciences provides a wide variety of tRNA synthetases with different structures and functions to help you study potential drug targets for the treatment of various diseases.

Features of Our Services

  • Delivery of high-quality tRNA profiling data in a cost-effective manner.
  • One-stop service: from RNA sample preparation to biological information data analysis.
  • Continuously updated equipment and experienced team.
  • All tRNA synthetase products are subject to strict quality control.


  1. Suzuki T. The expanding world of tRNA modifications and their disease relevance. Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology. 2021. 22: 375-392.
* Only for research. Not suitable for any diagnostic or therapeutic use.
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