NGS Oligo Synthesis

NGS oligo is designed to improve data interpretation while multiplexing your next-generation DNA sequencing, and BOC Sciences offers custom synthesis, modification, and purification of NGS oligo. NGS oligo is prepared using carefully optimized synthesis and post-synthesis protocols to ensure that crosstalk between co-synthesized oligonucleotides is minimized.

What is NGS Oligo Synthesis?

NGS oligo synthesis is the synthesis of short DNA or RNA fragments for use in Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS). These oligos are typically synthesized by synthetic chemistry and play a key role in NGS for ligation, amplification and recognition. NGS is a high-throughput technology capable of rapidly sequencing millions of DNA strands in parallel. With its ultra-high-throughput capabilities, scalability, and speed, NGS has revolutionized genomics and the biological sciences.

BOC Sciences' NGS Oligo Synthesis Services

BOC Sciences has developed the NGS oligo synthesis platform to provide not only oligonucleotide synthesis but also oligonucleotide modification services. Our goal is to provide a high-quality product that ensures the success of every oligonucleotide job you undertake.

  • Custom Synthesis Services of NGS oligo

BOC Sciences offers NGS oligo synthesis services and is optimized for larger scale (tens of milligrams to hundreds of grams to kilograms) synthesis. Our NGS oligo synthesis platform features multiple monitoring modes, including colorimetric, gravimetric, and conductivity, to ensure that a high-quality product can be obtained.

  • Modifications Services of NGS oligo

BOC Sciences offers several types of modifications to NGS oligo, giving them a rich variety of properties that can be used in a wider range of applications. Currently, we offer modification services including the following.

Phosphorylation modifications can be made at the 3' or 5' end of the oligo can be modified to increase the stability of the oligo.

NGS oligos can be modified with a variety of different types of labels to increase their properties. We offer compounds that can be labeled, such as fluorescent labels, biotin compounds.

  • Methylation modification

The bases in NGS oligos can be modified for methylation. And methylation modification can be used to study DNA methylation patterns or identify methylation sites.

  • Validation Services for NGS Oligos

After purification using the purification methods provided by BOC Sciences, NGS oligo requires analytical validation. BOC Sciences' specialized laboratories are equipped with instruments such as HPLC and LC-MS for qualitative and quantitative analysis of NGS oligo. With various analytical characterization services, we can ensure that the customized NGS oligo meets the quality standards and specifications.

Advantages of BOC Sciences' NGS Oligo Synthesis Services

  • High Quality Oligos

We have optimized manufacturing processes to ensure proper purity and low levels of cross-contamination. We also have strict quality control to provide our customers with high quality NGS oligos.

  • Rapid Production

Our customized NGS oligonucleotide products can be delivered in 3 - 5 days.

  • Excellent Technical Support

BOC Sciences have experienced and well-trained scientists who are happy to support you.

BOC Sciences' scientists will assist you throughout your NGS oligonucleotide synthesis program. We regularly assist our clients with the design of their synthesis protocols as well as with any analytical needs you may have. If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us.

* Only for research. Not suitable for any diagnostic or therapeutic use.
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