Aptamers 2022

Aptamers 2022

BOC RNA, a sub-brand of BOC Sciences, is dedicated to RNA technology and developing promising diseases treatments. BOC Sciences has announced that it has sponsored and will attend the 9th annual aptamers conference, Aptamers 2022. The conference will be held on April 4-5, 2022.

Aptamer, similar to antibody, is a group of single-stranded DNA or RNA molecules with specific functions. Aptamers can be folded by hydrogen bonding interactions between bases of the strand to form secondary structures, such as stem-loops, convex loops, pockets and pseudoknots. G-rich sequences can also form G-triplex and G-quadruplex structures through hydrogen-bonding interactions between guanines. As a result, these secondary structures are assembled into unique tertiary structures to achieve specific recognition of target molecules. Similar to the conjugation of antigens and antibodies, aptamers can conjugate with various target substances, such as metal ions, compounds, proteins, viruses, biological cells and bacteria. Aptamers offer various significant applications over antibodies. For example:

  • The targets of aptamers are broader than antibodies, from ions, cells to tissues, and can be used to screen and obtain aptamers.
  • Aptamers can be amplified in vitro, used to prepare aptamers and detected by PCR or fluorescent quantitative PCR.
  • Aptamer enables high-throughput sequencing at a low cost and can be used for target identification and quantification.
  • Aptamers can be inserted into genomes and are regulated at multiple levels.
  • Aptamers (nucleic acids) have pairing characteristics and can achieve adjustable affinity and design molecule machines.
  • Aptamers allow rapid screening and high-throughput screening.

The field of aptamers has been developing rapidly duirng recent years. The accelerated development of aptamers was not due to the wide range of applications in basic research, food safety, environmental monitoring, and other fields. Moreover, novel drug development based on aptamer technology has reached the market, including various ensemble-based drugs in the clinical stage.

About Aptamers 2022

Aptamers 2022 will be held on April 4-5, 2022! However, due to uncertainties associated with COVID-19, a “virtual-person” hybrid format may adapt to this event. Nevertheless, Aptamers 2022 will invite emerging aptamer researchers and scholars from the field.

In terms of theme, Aptamers 2022 covers all aspects of research and application, including aptamer screening technology, screening mechanism, related basic research, etc. During the conference, participants will have the opportunities to discuss how promotion and development can be made to this field, as well as strengthen the communication and cooperation between research teams.

About BOC Sciences

Our parent company, BOC Sciences, is a specialty chemical supplier of nucleosides, nucleotides, and phosphoramidites to support global customers from the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and institution fields. As a sub-brand, BOC RNA is dedicated to the research, development, production, and marketing of RNA-related products and services, covering all aspects of drug development, including RNAi design, synthesis, analysis, conjugation, delivery and mRNA vaccines.

Aptamer-siRNA conjugate is one of our featured services, and our aptamer services cover the following areas:

  • Custom siRNA synthesis
  • Aptamer development, modification, optimization and in vitro analysis services
  • Conjugation of siRNA to target aptamers

Based on our professional technical support, we are competent and committed to providing you the one-stop services related to siRNA. We look forward to working with our future customers to explore more possibilities together.

* Only for research. Not suitable for any diagnostic or therapeutic use.
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