Trimer Oligos Synthesis

BOC Sciences' advanced oligonucleotide synthesis platform produces trimer oligonucleotides with high purity. Each trimer oligonucleotide is carefully monitored and controlled during the synthesis process according to BOC Sciences' stringent quality assurance and quality control standards. The final product is characterized by mass spectrometry and its purity is analyzed by high-throughput capillary gel electrophoresis or HPLC, depending on the purification option.

What is Trimer Oligo?

Trimer oligo is an oligonucleotide sequence consisting of three nucleotide units. Due to the short length of trimer oligo, they are often used as components of longer oligonucleotide sequences or genes. Trimer oligos have a variety of applications in molecular biology and biochemistry research. Trimer oligos can be used in studies of gene function, gene regulation, and protein-nucleic acid interactions.

BOC Sciences' Trimer Oligos Synthesis Services

  • Formulation Design of Trimer Oligonucleotides

Formulation design for trimer oligo involves determining the order and concentration of each nucleotide unit, as well as the required reaction buffers and other additives. The stability of the reaction conditions, the interaction of the nucleotide units, and the purity requirements of the product should also be taken into account in the formulation design.

  • Custom Synthesis of Trimer Oligos

Using the triplet codons provided by BOC Sciences, we can perform custom synthesis of Trimer oligo, which can be used in E. coli and Saccharomyces cerevisiae expression systems. In addition, Trimer oligo can be used for the construction of downstream Trimer combinatorial mutation libraries to support subsequent research in protein directed evolution, antibody screening, drug target screening and drug discovery, and enzyme optimization.

We can customize the parameter range of Trimer oligo.

Trimer oligo length Codon site number Delivery method
Within 100 ntWithin 15Lyophilized powder
  • Scale-up Synthesis of Trimer Oligos

Scale-up synthesis can be achieved using automated synthesis equipment such as DNA synthesizers or RNA synthesizers. These devices can efficiently synthesize large quantities of trimer oligo in a relatively short period of time. Synthesized trimer oligo needs to be subjected to stringent quality control and validation to ensure that it meets the expected specifications and quality standards.

  • Other Services

In addition to the above service offerings, BOC Sciences can also provide other types of services.

  • Guidance and confidentiality for transitioning from small scale to large scale production for your application.
  • Customized purification options and purity specifications.
  • Preparation services for oligonucleotide pooling, primer mixing, assay reagents and double helix production.

Advantages of BOC Sciences' Trimer Oligos Services

  • Precise and Customized Synthesis

Avoids unintended mutations and stop codons, supports multi-locus and amino acid customized ratio mutations.

  • Rapid Delivery of Results

Efficient synthesis process enables rapid order processing and synthesis.

  • Rigorous Quality Management System

We have a strict quality management system and comply with relevant quality standards and regulations.

BOC Sciences' position as a pioneer and leader in the field of custom trimer oligo production is largely due to our specialized synthesis platform. Most components of our manufacturing process are designed and developed in-house, and the ability to control different variables allows us to consistently produce high-quality trimer oligo for routine and specialized applications. If you are interested in our services, feel free to contact us.

* Only for research. Not suitable for any diagnostic or therapeutic use.
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