Custom dsRNA Synthesis

As an industry leader in high-quality oligonucleotide synthesis and formulation services, BOC Sciences is committed to using proprietary technology to produce high-quality dsRNA oligonucleotides to meet customers' individual needs.

Introduction to dsRNA

  • What is dsRNA

Double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) is a unique form of RNA. dsRNAs are usually shorter, possess enhanced structural instability due to uncertainties, and are highly influenced by environments. Thus, there is no fixed and defined secondary structure for dsRNA.

dsRNAs are usually found within viruses and reserved two main characteristics:

  1. Viral genomes are mostly double-stranded RNA molecules with 10 to 12 segments.
  2. Viruses are double-layered capsids without an envelope.

dsRNA is not only a biomarker of viral infection but also a key molecule for RNA interference (RNAi)-mediated gene silencing at the mRNA level.

  • Pathways of dsRNA production

  1. mRNA produced in the cell is complemented to a single-stranded RNA supported by RNA polymerase to form a dsRNA.
  2. In vitro artificial synthesis, similar principle to pathway 1.
  3. A long-chain RNA that contains the reverse complementary sequence can complement itself to afford a stem-loop structure easily recognized by endonucleases; while endonucleases degrade only single-stranded RNA, complemented RNA is left behind to form dsRNA.
  • Construction of dsRNA

dsRNA can be constructed in vitro and transferred into cells via liposomes. However, cells with weak liposomal delivery systems tend to result in shorter dsRNAs half-life. Thus, transferring vectors that are capable of expressing dsRNA in vitro can enhance effective transfection and enable dsRNA to play a long-term role in blocking genes to express vectors over a long period stably.

Pol III is used to direct RNA synthesis during dsRNA expression vectors construction, and T7 is used as a promoter to synthesize dsRNA.

Custom dsRNA Synthesis

  • Applications of dsRNA

  1. Mediates RNA interference
  2. Plant protection and crop improvement
  3. Diagnostic objectives

BOC Sciences' dsRNA Synthesis Service Content

ServicesCustom dsRNA synthesis
  • Standard scales: from 0.05 µmol to 1.0 µmol (other scales are available upon request)
  • Large-scale synthesis
Synthesis Quality
  • Research grade
  • GMP-grade
Sequence LengthAll ssRNAs are available from a few dozens up to several thousand bases
  • Phosphorothioate
  • Electrochemical
  • Amino Linker
  • Spacer
  • Phosphorylation
  • Digoxin
  • Biotin
  • Fluorophore
  • Modified Base
  • Disulfide Linker
  • Quencher
  • Other modifications
PurificationDesalted, deprotected, PAGE, HPLC, and/or MS
Quality Control
  • 100% mass spectrometry
  • Copy number control for final products
  • Sterility & bioburden controls
  • Normalization and aliquoting services
  • Lyophilized dsRNA in tubes
  • QC Report (MS/HPLC)
  • Certificate of Analysis (COA)

Custom dsRNA Synthesis

BOC-Sciences' dsRNA Synthesis Service Advantages

  1. High efficiency - BOC Sciences' dsRNA synthesis service is highly efficient and can generate high quality dsRNA.
  2. Customization - BOC Sciences' dsRNA synthesis service can be customized to meet the needs of our customers, and can synthesize dsRNAs of different lengths and sequences according to their requirements.
  3. Strict quality control - BOC Sciences' dsRNA synthesis service performs strict quality control during the synthesis process to ensure that the synthesized dsRNA is of high purity and quality.
  4. Fast service - BOC Sciences' dsRNA synthesis service has fast service speed, which can complete dsRNA synthesis in a short time.
  5. Experienced team - BOC Sciences has an experienced team to provide professional dsRNA synthesis services to ensure the best support for our clients' research.
* Only for research. Not suitable for any diagnostic or therapeutic use.
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