Custom Small Activating RNA Synthesis

BOC Sciences provides high-quality, cost-effective custom RNA Oligos synthesis services with flexible synthesis specifications to meet the diverse needs of a wide range of researchers.

What is Small Activating RNA?

RNA activation is a type of RNA regulation that activates the expression of target genes at the transcriptional level. Small molecule RNAs that can activate gene transcription are known as small activating RNAs (saRNAs). saRNAs are short, double-stranded oligonucleotides, usually consisting of 19 to 30 nucleotides, with a specific sequence and structure. Compared with traditional gene therapy, saRNAs have unparalleled advantages in tumor therapy, and have broad application prospects in both tumor pathogenesis and tumor research.

How do Small Activating RNAs Work?

Similar to other RNAs (antisense oligonucleotide/ASO, RNAi, siRNA, etc.), saRNAs work by binding to target nucleic acids, but unlike other RNAs, saRNAs ultimately activate gene expression.

The mechanism of saRNA action is that the double-stranded saRNA enters the cell by endocytosis and is then loaded onto the AGO2 protein. After the carrier chain is degraded, AGO2 and the active chain complex are transported into the nucleus and bind to the promoter region. Subsequently, it attracts RNA polymerase by binding to RNA deconjugating enzyme and RNA polymerase linker protein (CTR9) to activate the transcription of the corresponding genes, and ultimately promotes the expression of the corresponding proteins.

Proposed model of small activating RNA mechanism.Fig 1. Proposed model of small activating RNA mechanism. (Kwok et al., 2019)

BOC Sciences' Custom saRNA Synthesis Services

BOC Sciences has developed a powerful bioinformatics platform to design saRNAs for target gene activation. These saRNA sequences recognize elements upstream of the mRNA transcription start site and downstream of the polyA site.

  • Design of saRNAs
    Currently, it is difficult to screen for suitable saRNA target sites, and multiple saRNA molecules usually need to be designed for screening. saRNA design and screening methods need to be further optimized to improve the efficiency of RNAa. BOC Sciences needs to consider the following factors when performing saRNA design. Selection of the positive-sense DNA sequence as the template and the complementary RNA single-stranded sequence as the guide strand.
  • The 3' end of the target DNA should correspond to the 5' end of the RNA guide strand.
  • The base pairs of saRNA and DNA should be 19 pairs, so each single strand of dsRNA should have two base pairs, dTdT or UU, hanging from the 3' end.
  • Avoid more than 4 consecutive identical nucleic acid base pairs.
  • The 3' end of the template is less thermodynamically stable than the 5' end, and the 20th to 23rd nucleic acids should preferably be poly "A" or "T".
  • Template selection should avoid CpG sites or GC-rich regions.
  • Custom Synthesis of saRNA
    The custom synthesis service of saRNA is similar to that of dsRNA, which requires the setting of sequence length, purity, and modification according to the requirements, and then the products are prepared under strict quality control. Customers can directly provide us with the designed sequences or let us design them according to the requirements. Our technical team is able to provide you with customized synthesis of small-scale, medium-scale and large-scale saRNA.
  • Chemical Modification Services for saRNA
    The saRNA chemical modification services offered by BOC Sciences are important for the stability of small molecule nucleic acid sequences in the physiological environment. The choice of motifs and sites for chemical modification needs to be based on the principle of safety first and ensure that saRNA activation remains unchanged. Although chemical moiety modification does not solve the problem of precise delivery of nucleic acid sequences, this in vitro experiment validates the use of chemical modification to improve saRNA sequence stability in a human physiological environment.

Advantages of BOC Sciences' saRNA Synthesis Services

  • High Quality
    The synthesized products need to be strictly purified by HPLC, avoiding RNase contamination in the whole process, and providing you with free HPLC test reports.
  • Comprehensive Service
    We provide various types of Oligo synthesis services, such as RNA Oligo/DNA Oligo synthesis and modification.
  • Competitive Pricing
    BOC Sciences provides you with the most considerate service at the most favorable price.
  • Short Cycle Time
    BOC Sciences' advanced laboratory equipment and perfect technical support allow you to get the most professional service in the shortest time.


  1. Kwok A, et al. Developing small activating RNA as a therapeutic: current challenges and promises[J]. Therapeutic delivery, 2019, 10(3): 151-164.
* Only for research. Not suitable for any diagnostic or therapeutic use.
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