RNA Phosphoramidites

CAS: 1803193-36-3 Molecular Formula: C53H66N7O8PSi Molecular Weight: 988.21
CAS: 199593-09-4 Molecular Formula: C42H52N5O9P Molecular Weight: 801.86
CAS: 237060-94-5 Molecular Formula: C47H64N5O9PSi Molecular Weight: 902.11
CAS: 251647-53-7 Molecular Formula: C50H58N7O9P Molecular Weight: 932.01
CAS: 251647-54-8 Molecular Formula: C49H58N5O10P Molecular Weight: 907.99
CAS: 251647-55-9 Molecular Formula: C47H60N7O10P Molecular Weight: 913.99
CAS: 261518-12-1 Molecular Formula: C46H61N6O8PSi Molecular Weight: 885.07
CAS: 329187-86-2 Molecular Formula: C47H51FN7O7P Molecular Weight: 875.92
CAS: 588698-79-7 Molecular Formula: C47H64N7O7PSi Molecular Weight: 898.11
CAS: 679809-76-8 Molecular Formula: C50H68N7O9PSi Molecular Weight: 970.19
CAS: 944138-03-8 Molecular Formula: C48H64N7O9PSi Molecular Weight: 942.12
Molecular Formula: C47H56N7O9P Molecular Weight: 893.98
Molecular Formula: C42H49N4O9P Molecular Weight: 784.83
Molecular Formula: C50H69N8O8PSi Molecular Weight: 969.21
Molecular Formula: C53H68N5O9PSi Molecular Weight: 978.21
Molecular Formula: C53H65IN7O8PSi Molecular Weight: 1114.11
Molecular Formula: C47H64N5O9PSi Molecular Weight: 902.11
Molecular Formula: C52H64N5O10P Molecular Weight: 950.08
Molecular Formula: C41H49FN5O8P Molecular Weight: 789.83

With many years of experience in engineered nucleic acid production, BOC RNA has accumulated a wealth of phosphoramidite technology expertise in protection chemistry, modification, production scale-up, and innovative purification strategies. We provide high-quality phosphoramidites for RNA oligonucleotide synthesis. All standard (and customized) phosphoramidite production is strictly controlled by process and quality.
Our phosphoramidite products include RNA phosphoramidites, 2’-OMe-phosphoramidites, 2’-F-phosphoramidites, 2’-MOE-phosphoramidites, 3’-TBDMS-RNA phosphoramidites, 5-modified phosphoramidites, etc.

RNA phosphoramidites
  • Ideal for synthesis therapeutic (and research) high-fidelity oligonucleotides, such as gene synthesis, gene editing, CRISPR-cas9 gRNA, antisense (ASO), and siRNA.
  • Used to help increase the stability of oligonucleotides and increase resistance to nuclease activity in the body.
  • Supporting a variety of nucleic acid-based applications such as antisense, siRNA, gene design and genome editing, including CRISPR-cas9 gRNA.
3’-TBDMS-RNA phosphoramidites
5-modified phosphoramidites

Quality control

  • The entire process is monitored from material procurement to final quality control and product release, providing repeatability and security between batches
  • Assess purity of each RNA phosphoramidite batch by HPLC and 31 P NMR
  • The tightly controlled manufacturing process ensures minimal levels of impurities

Custom services

Custom manufacturing services available to help develop or expand phosphoramidite compounds

* Only for research. Not suitable for any diagnostic or therapeutic use.
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