Gapmer Oligonucleotide Synthesis

As a professional oligonucleotides preparation service provider, we provide high-quality products as well as antisense oligonucleotides preparation services. Based on our successful experience and technology, we are able to provide customized synthesis of gapmer oligonucleotides, such as LNA gapmer oligonucleotides, for different research purposes and applications. And based on our strict quality control system, we can provide first-class solutions and after-sales service for your projects.

How to Design Gapmer Oligonucleotides?

The design of gapmer oligonucleotide involves first identifying the intervening or targeting RNA or DNA sequence, and then selecting a suitable position on the target sequence as a gap region according to the characteristics and requirements of the target sequence. Next, on both sides of the gap region, complementary sequences are designed which can be base complementarily paired with the remainder of the target sequence. When designing a gapmer oligonucleotide, care also needs to be taken to avoid designing sections with repetitive sequences or self-binding, as well as the need to consider the stability and specificity of the nucleic acid.

Where available, the design can be aided by the use of auxiliary tools and software, such as online oligonucleotide design tools or gene editing design tools. These tools can provide base complementarity assessment, sequence characterization, and other design parameters.

BOC Sciences' Gapmer Oligonucleotide Synthesis Services

Based on the customer's needs, we design the sequence for the preparation of gapmer oligonucleotide, and then our research team prepares, elutes, purifies, and completes the custom synthesis of gapmer oligonucleotide.

  • Custom Synthesis of Gapmer Oligonucleotide

The gapmer oligonucleotide can be prepared by solid phase synthesis. During the synthesis process, the gap region can be introduced by using modified nucleotide units that can be substituted for conventional nucleotide units at specified positions.

  • Deprotection of Gapmer Oligonucleotide

After completion of the synthesis of gapmer oligonucleotide, deprotection is required to remove the protecting groups from the nucleotide units, allowing the oligonucleotide chain to be detached from the solid phase support. And after that, the prepared gapmer oligonucleotide is eluted from the solid phase scaffold using appropriate buffer.

  • Scale-up of Gapmer Oligonucleotide

BOC Sciences has the ability to scale up products. Our technical experts can validate the oligonucleotide manufacturing process and evaluate the optimal synthetic approach and process parameters to ensure high yields and purity. Secondly, we can establish a stable and reliable raw material supply chain and identify high-quality raw material supplies to support the needs of large-scale production. In addition, we have stringent quality control procedures in place to ensure that the oligonucleotide produced meets quality standards and that product batches are consistent.

BOC Sciences' Gapmer Oligonucleotide Characterization Services

Typical identification methods include UV absorption spectroscopy, electrophoretic analysis, mass spectrometry, high performance liquid chromatography and nuclear magnetic resonance. Through a variety of analytical methods and techniques, the quality, purity, structure and functionality of gapmer oligonucleotide can be comprehensively evaluated to ensure that the intended design requirements can be met.

BOC Sciences has the advantages of customized service, high-quality synthesis and purification, diverse modification options and efficient delivery time in gapmer oligonucleotide synthesis. If you need gapmer oligonucleotide synthesis service, you can consult us anytime.

* Only for research. Not suitable for any diagnostic or therapeutic use.
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