Large Scale DNA Oligonucleotide Synthesis

Based on state-of-the-art equipment and experienced team of experts, BOC Sciences is committed to developing and delivering large-scale DNA oligonucleotide production that enables large quantities of targeted DNA nucleotides in a short period of time. The high throughput capability enables BOC Sciences' large scale DNA oligonucleotide synthesis to assist customers in the rapid production of large quantities of desired DNA sequences, with wide-ranging implications for genetic engineering and biological synthesis applications.

Methods for large Scale DNA Oligonucleotide Synthesis

Different large-scale DNA oligonucleotide synthesis methods have different advantages and impacts on downstream gene synthesis processes. BOC Sciences can select the most appropriate large-scale DNA oligonucleotide synthesis method for the customer's application to accelerate the project while reducing costs and ensuring quality.

Column-based DNA Oligonucleotide Synthesis

Solid-phase phosphoramidite chemistry is the most prevalent method of large-scale DNA oligonucleotide synthesis and, as shown in the figure below, consists of a four-step cycle in which a base is added one at a time to a growing strand of oligonucleotides attached to a solid support. The method typically synthesizes 96-384 oligonucleotides simultaneously on a scale of 10 to 100 nmol. Improvements in raw materials, automation, processing, and purification methods have led to routine syntheses up to∼100 nt. The cost per nucleotide for this method is much lower but the error rate is 1/200 or higher. The major errors in the oligonucleotides obtained by purification centered on single-base deletions, which were mainly due to failure to remove DMT or inefficiencies in the coupling and capping steps.

Part of the RISC complex and plays role in RNAi.Figure 1. The chemical method most commonly used to produce DNA oligonucleotides.(Kosuri, S.; et al. 2014)

Array-based DNA Oligonucleotide Synthesis

Photo-activated chemistry for spatially localized polymer synthesis on surfaces has paved the way for the development of DNA microarrays. Standard mask-based lithography can be used to selectively deprotect photo-unstable nucleoside phosphoramidites. Inkjet-based nucleotide printing on the array surface allows oligonucleotide synthesis using standard phosphoramidite chemicals. Oligonucleotides produced by microarrays are 2-4 orders of magnitude cheaper than column-based oligonucleotides, depending on length, size, and platform.

Part of the RISC complex and plays role in RNAi.Figure 2. Array-based oligonucleotide synthesis.(Kosuri, S.; et al. 2014)

Large Scale DNA Oligonucleotide Synthesis Services from BOC Sciences

BOC Sciences provides large-scale DNA oligonucleotide synthesis services to accelerate experiments and applications in the fields of biological research, medical diagnostics, pharmaceuticals and genetic engineering through high-throughput methods.

Custom Synthesized DNA Oligonucleotides: Customers can directly provide specific DNA sequences for synthesis services. In addition, BOC Sciences' experts are waiting to provide you with DNA sequence design and suggestions at any time according to the needs of applications, such as construction of gene expression vectors, knock-in or knock-out of specific genes.

Large Scale and High Throughput: Large-scale DNA oligo services are mainly for customers with large DNA synthesis needs and research in related fields. BOC Sciences assists you to realize large-scale oligo DNA synthesis at low cost. Our large-scale synthesis service has final yields ranging from 25 mg to several grams with unmodified DNA lengths ranging from 4-100 bases.

Strict Purification and Quality Control: BOC Sciences' large-scale DNA oligonucleotide synthesis service maintains strict GMP standards throughout to ensure high purity and accurate sequence.

Available Lengths and Modifications: BOC Sciences can synthesize DNA of different lengths according to customers' needs, and can also add different chemical modifications during the synthesis process to enhance the stability of the oligonucleotides and perform better effects.

Part of the RISC complex and plays role in RNAi.

Advantages of Large Scale DNA Oligo Synthesis Service

Flexible Customizability: BOC Sciences ' experts have a wealth of experience and knowledge in providing customized synthesis solutions to meet as many customer needs as possible.

Highly Efficient: BOC Sciences has high-throughput synthesis platforms to assist researchers in obtaining more DNA oligonucleotides faster, which greatly accelerates the progress of your project.

Wide Range of Applications: DNA oligonucleotides have a wide range of applications in biology and pharmaceutical companies, such as genetic engineering, protein expression, antibody production, virus research and other fields.

Quality Assurance: BOC Sciences has GMP-grade oligonucleotide manufacturing capabilities, and quality and purity are guidelines we have always adhered to.

For more detail about our large scale DNA oligonucleotide synthesis services, please feel free to contact us.


  1. Kosuri, S.; et al. Large-scale De Novo DNA Synthesis: Technologies and Applications. Nature Methods. 2014, 11: 499–507.
* Only for research. Not suitable for any diagnostic or therapeutic use.
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