Custom miRNA Mimics Synthesis

miRNA mimics are small double-stranded RNAs that can mimic endogenous mature miRNAs. BOC Sciences provides miRNA mimics synthesis services to accelerate miRNA research progress.

Introduction to miRNA Mimics

  • What is miRNA

In genetics, microRNA (miRNA) is a class of evolutionarily conserved non-coding small molecules, typically between 21-23 nucleotides in length and function in regulating gene expression at the translational level. In the vertebrate genome, up to 1,000 different miRNAs were found and regulating at least 30% of gene expression.

  • Definition of miRNA Mimics

miRNA mimics are the mimics of endogenous miRNA. miRNA mimics are chemically synthesized mature miRNA duplexes that enhance the function of endogenous miRNA. miRNA mimics are composed of two sequences, one consistent with the targeted mature miRNA sequence and the other complementary to the targeted mature miRNA sequence.

miRNA mimics synthesized by BOC Sciences cover roughly all human, mouse, and rat miRNA within the miRBase database. We mimic endogenous miRNAs in organisms to specifically enhance related functions. Moreover, we are capable of providing miRNA in different forms, lengths, and designs for customers worldwide (microRNA sequences are from miRBase).

miRNA mimicsFig. 1 miRNA mimics (F Abdallah, 2019)

  • Applications of miRNA Mimics

miRNA Mimics has become one of the effective tools capable of regulating gene expression. It has its applications in fields such as medicine and scientific research. It can be used as targeted activation of specific genes. miRNA Mimics is useful for disease treatment. For example, in cancer therapy, miRNA Mimics is used as a carrier construct to enhance the expression of specific mRNAs in animals to an order of magnitude and to carry out the cell transfection process through messenger RNA viral vectors for therapeutic purposes.

  • Role of miRNA Mimics in Drug Development

miRNA Mimics can be potential drugs for the treatment of cancer. It is an effective therapeutic tool that reduces the size of tumors and inhibits the proliferation of cancer cells. Current oncology treatments use miRNA Mimics for the treatment of disease. With the help of small molecule RNAs, the side effects of chemotherapy-dependent treatment can be reduced and a more precise and safe treatment can be achieved.

  • Contribution and Significance of miRNA Mimics

The research and development of miRNA Mimics is impacting the field of cancer treatment and basic scientific research. It has changed the idea of previous therapies and greatly improved the effectiveness of treating cancer. Meanwhile, miRNA Mimics has become a powerful tool for studying the biological functions of miRNAs in basic biological research. miRNA Mimics provides new avenues for miRNA research and development, and has important contributions to future biological research and drug development.

Our miRNA Mimics Synthesis Service Content

BOC Sciences' Custom miRNA Mimics Synthesis service is a high-quality custom manufacturing service that specializes in miRNA mimic synthesis for customers.

  • Introduction to miRNA Mimics Service

1. Efficient Chemical Synthesis

BOC Sciences expert team will use the most advanced chemical synthesis techniques to ensure high purity and optimal activity of miRNA mimics.

2. Design and Selection

BOC Sciences will design and select the most suitable sequences of miRNA mimics according to the customer's requirements to ensure their optimal functionality and stability.

3. Comprehensive Analysis

BOC Sciences will use different analytical techniques to identify and purify miRNA mimics, including mass spectrometry and HPLC analysis, to ensure the purity and quality of miRNA mimics.

4. Custom Production

BOC Sciences will perform custom production of miRNA mimics from small scale to large scale production according to customer requirements and volume requirements.

5. Regular Updates

BOC Sciences will regularly update the latest technologies and methods for miRNA mimics production to ensure that customers get the most effective and reliable miRNA mimics products.

  • miRNA mimics Ordering Information

Product NamePurification MethodPrice
Single strand miRNA mimicsHPLCInquiry
Double strand miRNA mimicsHPLCInquiry
miRNA mimics single-stranded negative controlHPLCInquiry
miRNA mimics double-stranded negative controlHPLCInquiry
miRNA mimics FAM-labeled single-stranded negative controlHPLCInquiry
miRNA mimics FAM-labeled double-stranded negative controlHPLCInquiry

Custom miRNA Mimics Synthesis

Why Choose BOC Sciences' miRNA Mimics

  • Customization - BOC Sciences' miRNA mimics custom synthesis service can be customized according to the needs of customers to meet the needs of different research projects.
  • High quality - BOC Sciences' miRNA mimics custom synthesis service uses the most advanced synthesis technology to ensure that the synthesized miRNA mimics are of high purity and quality.
  • Fast delivery - BOC Sciences' miRNA mimics custom synthesis service has the advantage of fast delivery, and can provide high-quality miRNA mimics products in the shortest time.
  • Rich experience - BOC Sciences has rich experience in the synthesis of miRNA mimics, and can provide customers with professional technical support and consulting services.
  • Reasonable price - BOC Sciences' miRNA mimics custom synthesis service provides reasonable prices to ensure that customers can obtain high-quality miRNA Mimics products within their budget.


  1. F Abdallah; et al. microRNAs in skin biology-Biogenesis, Regulations and functions in homeostasis and diseases. Immunome Research. 2019, 15(1).
* Only for research. Not suitable for any diagnostic or therapeutic use.
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