Oligo Synthesis Service

Oligo Synthesis Service

BOC RNA provides synthesis services for a wide range of oligonucleotides (DNA, RNA) and derivatives, including natural DNA, siRNA, mRNA, and DNA/RNA oligos, or non-natural and more stable oligonucleotides (GMP grade and non-cGMP grade). BOC RNA has been committed to providing high-quality oligo-nucleic acid synthesis and formulation services for global partners over the years.

Oue services

We can provide more than 40 types of chemical modifications and hundreds of common modifications to meet our customers’ sequence synthesis and modification requirements. We provide standard purification, PAGE purification, and HPLC purification from milligram level to kilogram level accordingly.

Service OptionsSpecifications
Custom DNA SynthesisProvide standard unmodified DNA synthesis & multitype modified DNA synthesis. It includes standard oligos, micro-scale oligos, large-scale oligos, degenerate primers, and long oligos.
Custom RNA SynthesisProvide unmodified RNA, modified RNA, chimeric oligonucleotides with mixed DNA and RNA bases, 2'-OMe-RNA, 2'-F-RNA, and others with various labeling, modifications, and scales.
Custom mRNA SynthesisHigh-quality mRNA with enhanced purity and accuracy for mRNA vaccine and mRNA drug development and research.
DNA/RNA ModificationsComprehensive DNA/RNA modification and labeling services, such as special bases, phosphorothioate, phosphorylation, spacers, amino, biotin, digoxin, FAM, HEX, ROX, BHQ, etc.
Custom Oligo SynthesisProvide a variety of chemistry, modification, specifications, and purified oligos for biology, diagnostics, and drug discovery.
Antisense Oligos SynthesisStrictly comply with QC testing standards and HPLC purity detection is used to ensure the high-quality output of all our ASO products.
Oligo ModificationsComprehensive oligo modification and labeling services, such as backbone modification, modified bases, inverted base, oligo modified linker attachment chemistry, spacers, fluorescent labeling, phosphorylation, etc.
siRNAProvide custom siRNA synthesis, including common siRNA, chemically-modified siRNA, fluorescence labeled siRNA, siRNA controls, and predesigned siRNA library.

Oligo synthesis purification methods

Salt Free (Desalt)HLPCPAGE
  • Available for unmodified oligos (0.025 µmole)
  • Length from 3~35 mer
  • Available for all standard oligos and modified oligos
  • Recommended for oligos of 50 mer or less
  • Purity of ≥ 90%
  • Available for all standard oligos and modified oligos
  • Recommended for oligos of 50 mer or less
  • Purity of ≥95%


  • Life science tools and reagents for basic and biomedical research (include DNA sequencing, PCR, SNP research, gene synthesis, NGS, qPCR, biochip, and siRNA expression, etc.)
  • In-vitro diagnostics (IVD) and molecular diagnostics (MDx)
  • Treatment research

Workflow of our oligo synthesis service

Oligo Synthesis Service

Why work with us?

  • Flexible synthesis specifications
  • Scales from 20 nmol to 10 µmol or more. Bulk orders are available upon request

  • Comprehensive modifications & labeling
  • From general modifications to fluorescent/non-fluorescent labeling and even dual and multiple labeling

  • Advanced high-throughput production equipment
  • Experienced team
  • scientists and staff with over 15 years of experience in oligo synthesis and modifications.

  • Competitive price
  • Using internally produced raw materials (phosphoramidites, reagents, and solvents) combined with our automatic oligonucleotide synthesis and purification system, it can provide low-cost and high-quality oligonucleotides.

  • Fast delivery
  • A trusted and well-known contract manufacturing partner
* Only for research. Not suitable for any diagnostic or therapeutic use.
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